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Do I need a doula if I have a midwife? 

Whether your decision is to be under the care of a midwife, OB, General Practitioner in a hospital setting or home birth, a doula is an important member of your birth team. A birth doula offers continuous support. This has been shown to have many benefits including a high reduction in interventions and increased comfort for both the mother and her partner. Medical providers are not able to give continuous support, particularly in a hospital setting.

How early should I hire a doula and what services does a doula provide before the baby is born? 

It is never too early to hire a doula, and the ideal time to hire one is 5-6 months before your estimated due date. Experienced doulas book early and quickly; repeat birthing families often book their doula on the day their pregnancy is confirmed.  

How long do families typically use in-home postpartum doula care?

Anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks is typical, though some families do as few as a couple of overnights while others utilize 12 months of full-time help. We customize care to fit your needs as they change from week to week. Generally speaking, multiples usually need more hours of in-home care than families welcoming one baby.

Can prenatal yoga be the first time I ever do yoga?

Yes! You don’t have to be a yogi before you conceive to jump on the prenatal yoga bandwagon. As long as your doctor has given you the green light to stay physically active during pregnancy, yoga is an ideal activity for all expectant moms: It’s gentle and designed for pregnancy, which means it helps prepare you for the mental aspects of childbirth (and beyond)

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